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I really just want to try out the new linking feature of free Napster, so here are some songs/bands I’m into right now:

  • They don’t have At War with the Mystics, but this favorite (Buggin’) from The Soft Bulletin will have to do for my reloaded love of the Flaming Lips.
  • Liza With A “Z” – as many of my friends know, I can’t stop listening to this show. Yes, I’m an indie Beatles fan who fancies dramatic performances by big voices as well as show tunes.
  • Against my better judgment, I’ve fallen for Art Brut, mainly because they have a song called Modern Art, which I completely agree with.
  • I keep forgetting about another cool British band, Clearlake. The first song, No Kind of Life, on their new album is so simple, but I often go for simplicity and understatement.
  • In preparation for Sufjan’s album of outtakes (The Avalanche), I shall link to my favorite Sufjan song, Jacksonville.


Why cable sucks

I don’t want my MTV — and then some – The Boston Globe

I often consider dropping digital cable and just illegally downloading everything or occasionally buying off whatever site offers them, or just waiting for the inevitable DVD.

And like the author of the story I’ve linked to, I have asked (in my case, Time Warner) why I can’t just pay for what I want. This came up recently when my cable bill went up by like $3. I have a bundled package with digital cable TV and my internet service. If I go down a level in terms of TV, I’d actually be paying MORE. Their excuse for the price hike was that the channels had raised the price of the programs.

Now, I had to call and ask for that information. There wasn’t even a slick marketing bullshit insert with my bill (or at least not one I noticed). What are the networks doing charging more for their programming when DVRs and the internet are shaking them up so much?

I would assume that if I changed to basic analog service my cable internet price would suddenly go up. Maybe it’d be slowly, or maybe it’d be sudden…but like most companies, Time Warner would guilt me into purchasing more crap because it will “save me money.” grrr….

I thought I felt like something was missing….

From my Google Desktop Search weather widget:

For when you want to surprise that special someone

How to keep your phone number private – Lifehacker

All you have to do is enter *67 + 1 + the number (w/area code) and it comes up as restricted. Perfect for just leaving a message, as most people let those calls go to voicemail. Also good for those surprise “hey, you fucked me over and here’s what I have to say about it!” phone calls.

Hayden named as Bush CIA choice

BBC NEWS | Americas | Hayden named as Bush CIA choice:

“The BBC’s Justin Webb says it is a measure of how enfeebled the Bush administration has become that even before the formal announcement, the decision on a new CIA director was already the subject of heated debate.”

No, that’s not a measure of how enfeebled the Bush administration is…the measure of how enfeebled they’ve become is this nomination. Seriously, how fucking stupid has Bush become? Could there be a more ridiculous nomination? This is the guy who implemented the hated, unwarranted surveillance, he’s a general nominated to a civilian government post, the war is failing partially because intelligence is failing — don’t we need someone the country, nay, the world can trust?

The Cult of Bush

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Bush Calls U.S. a Nation of Prayer

`In my travels across the great land, a comment that I hear often from our fellow citizens is, `Mr. President, I pray for you and your family.’ It’s amazing how many times a total stranger walks up and says that to me,” Bush said. “You’d think they’d say, `How about the bridge?’ Or, `How about filling the potholes?’ No, they say, `I’ve come to tell you I pray for you, Mr. President’.”

So “total strangers” are allowed to walk up to the President of the United States as they please without Secret Service halting them in any way–as long as the stranger says they are praying for his family? I suppose a prerequisite is a white skin tone at least.

But you know, what I call a truly good Christian will pray for his or her enemies, so it’s not always a compliment.

This story goes along nicely with Madeleine Albright’s new book, the Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs.

The new FlashMob?

Faux clerks greet Best Buy shoppers | | CNET

As part of the Best Buy mission, 80 people (“agents” in Improv Everywhere parlance) went into the two-story Best Buy on 23rd St. dressed in signature blue polo shirts and khaki pants. The agents didn’t claim to work at the store but were instructed to be friendly and helpful if anyone had a question. Agents were stationed at virtually every aisle in every section of the store, and some helped customers find routers, DVDs and the like.

That’s kinda funny. We could pull off a similar stunt at Target. In fact, it’s too easy to do it at Target. Every time I wear a red shirt or am with someone wearing a red shirt, I get stopped for help.

The Biggest Decision You’ll Ever Make

Wired News: The Genius of Apple’s Stores

I was going to write a very similar essay in this here blog. Kahney says,

I’ve been hanging out at Best Buy recently, shopping for a big-screen TV, and night after night I see the same guys checking out this model or that, learning the technology and pondering their options.

The same thing happens at Apple’s stores: People go in to check out the iPod, but linger over the new MacBooks and flat-screen iMacs. Next thing you know, they’re in there every weeknight wondering whereabouts exactly they’ll get hit with a frying pan when they bring the new computer home.

Last weekend I was at Ridgedale Mall picking up some necessities for a wedding I’m in this summer when I found myself really really wishing that the Apple store there was finally finished. They’ve been setting it up for at least a month. It seems like there’s an Apple store in every major mall in the Twin Cities (MOA, Southdale, Roseville, and now Ridgedale). I love wasting time there, and it’s always super crowded.

And you know that one of these days me and 100 other people are going to finally make the leap and buy an Apple product–maybe I’ll try a video iPod this time, or maybe once the Intel iBooks appear I’ll get one of those. In the meantime, I look at the products every chance I get and continue lusting. These Apple stores are fun–way more fun than Best Buy or Circuit City. Plus they look cool, and isn’t that always the main idea behind Apple stuff?

An odd number of things…

From 43 Folders (a hipster/geek organizational howto site) comes this wonderful site for the artsy list-lover. If High Fidelity were written today, they’d all be using this web tool.

Here’s a list I made: Music New to Me. What should I added to it (what do you recommend I hear)? Or, if you own any of the music on the list, let’s trade!

Also check out how many (or, few) Academy award-winning films I’ve seen.

What a bunch of …. turkey.

What the hell happened to the Star Tribune‘s website?