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UN in New Orleans?

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“So…my question is…where is the United Nations?”

And it’s a good question at that. I don’t really get behind her last paragraph, mainly because “fartknocker” is a stupid word.

However, by the looks of the UN’s Tsunami Relief page, it would appear that logically speaking–the UN ought to provide aid to the Gulf Coast.

But the difference between UN aid to the Middle East, Africa, Tsunami-ripped nations, and worn-torn European countries and the unlikely UN aid to the United States is money. And lots of it. We are the richest country on earth. Aren’t the UN’s resources best kept in much poorer areas?

Our nation’s richest people and biggest corporations would probably easily provide more resources and money than the UN ever could.

If our country wasn’t at some stupid war, we’d have more service people to help with cleanup and rescue.

We’d have more money to give to these needy people if we were in such debt from said stupid war.

If Bill Gates suddenly lost his mansion and a small portion of his wealth, would you chip in to help him out through his difficult time?

And furthermore, lots of people knew this would happen, especially to New Orleans. I remember watching a program about it on the Travel channel in college–the city planners and levee engineers simply had no foresight or backup plans. New Orleans was doomed due to lack of planning. And the Gulf coast towns wiped out are probably in locations where they shouldn’t have been in the first place. It’s like building a house on the San Adreas fault–some places just aren’t meant to be inhabited. Listen to this audio commentary by a New Orleans inhabitant, explaining the ill-fated city’s history.

I’m not saying these people deserved such destruction, just that it could have been avoided.

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Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can’t Index | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can’t Index | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Proof that The Onion officially sucks now.



“BlogDay was initiated with the belief that bloggers should have one day which will be dedicated to know other bloggers, from other countries or areas of interests. In that day Bloggers will recommend about them to their Blog visitors.”

This is sooo lame! Isn’t every day blog day, for both readers and writers!? If you’re reading this, it’s blog day. You found me via something you may or may not agree with, or know me already. I got the link via another blog I occassionally disagree with. I’m sure someone I can’t stand has blogged about Blog Day and I’ll run across it later.

It’s like Kid’s Day. You wanted it so bad when you’re a kid and then when you’re a teenager, you realize that every fucking day is kid’s day. Doesn’t the blogosphere have the wisdom of a 14-year old yet??

Maps: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina – New York Times

Maps: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina – New York Times

This is the best way (I’ve seen) to assess the damage to The Big Easy. Apparently the French Quarter was spared, but I still wonder how many other beautiful, old buildings and cemeteries have been submerged and forever damaged by the floods. I’ve never been to New Orleans, and now I’ll probably never see it as it historically has been known.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | BBC TV channels to be put on net

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | BBC TV channels to be put on net:

“A BBC spokesman said the corporation was aiming to simulcast a channel permanently but would restrict it to UK viewers only.”

I figured that would be the case. Let’s hope our little British geek friends will record and promplty bit torrent the shows.

This fact is actually really dumb. I listen to BBC radio nearly every day at work. I can listen on demand from the past week (even farther back I’m sure if I spent more time on the actual websites rather than the radio player) or live. What’s the difference between radio and TV for broadcasting over the internet? Is it simply the taxes Brits pay for BBC TV (don’t they for BBC radio?)? Is it the need to pay more people for a TV show than a radio show?


Still, the BBC is cutting edge once again. When will PBS and NPR follow suit? NPR only has a couple podcasts. Some individual stations have their own podcasts. How much extra money does it really cost to pursue these new mediums? I wouldn’t think much–storage is cheap and the bandwidth is probably already there (or they could incoporate bit torrent).

Six Feet Under house

Six Feet Under house
Originally uploaded by Joey Harrison.

Hey look–the Fisher’s house!

This is probably old

10 Geek Commandments

1. Thou shalt not append trendy names to shit that already exists in an attempt to remarket it. (i.e. – podcast)

2. Thou shalt not bitch about windows if you are reading this from a windows machine.

3. Thou shalt not drink beer on a couch in the beginning of a vidcast unless your name is kevin rose, dan huard or alex albrecht. …and even then, thou shalt be subject to ridicule and slapping at random.

4. Thou shall admit that linux is only good for bragging rights and elitism.

5. Thou shall buy a $4000 gaming rig to play the two good games that come out this year before the third game is released, which renders your rig obsolete.

6. Thou shall buy a $2000 computer to surf the web. Everyone knows you’ll need all that processing power to handle the virii, spyware and trojans you’ll be hosting.

7. Thou shall scour rss feeds to find topics for your podcast rather than actually participating in any forums, conferences or other means of actually gathering news on your own.

8. Thou shalt not brag about stealing movies, not because it’s illegal… but because my mom has WinMX too.

9. Thou shalt not digg anything you’ve read on freshnews. We all read freshnews. Just stop.

10. Thou shalt not buy an ipod as an accesory to your daily fashion, but only because it’s a good mp3 player with acceptable battery life.

Internet Advertiser Wakeup Day Petition

Internet Advertiser Wakeup Day Petition

As much as I detest registration for reading online newspapers (is anything on the net any dumber?), this petition is nearly as stupid.

Sign this petition, by entering your name and email address (comments are optional), and be sure to select your privacy settings.

Irony, anyone?

I’ll probably do it anyway. In the meantime, stick with the original Bugmenot.


Is it just me, or does Benjamin from TOE have an extremely creepy/annoying voice? It’s nice that he speaks slowly, but


Dear lord. Take breathing lessons, dude.

FIRST AVENUE & 7TH STREET ENTRY: An Inventory of Its Band Files at the Minnesota Historical Society

FIRST AVENUE & 7TH STREET ENTRY: An Inventory of Its Band Files at the Minnesota Historical Society

Damn what a list. Someone nerdier than me should put all this in a database. I have some questions: Who played First Ave the most? How many people in bands went on to perform solo? How many bands who first played at The Entry went on to play First Ave?