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Mind the Gaps – Intelligent design as an answer to all life’s great conundrums. By Dahlia Lithwick

Hilarious take on “intelliget design” and how God filling in the gaps could pose problems in daily life.

God I love weird shit like this.

Boing Boing: Man plays doctor with dead deer in stolen ambulance

That’s the End? Never.

Sometimes I feel like Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” is the best song ever recorded.

Shot like an arrow through my heart

That’s the pain I feel

I feel whenever we’re apart

Not to say that I’m in love with you

But who’s to say that I’m not

I just know that it feels wrong,

When I’m away too long

It makes my body hot, so let me tell ya baby


I’ll tell your mama, I’ll tell your friends

I’ll tell anyone

Whose heart can comprehend

Send it in a letter baby

Tell you on the phone

I’m not the kinda girl

Who likes to be alone

I miss ya much (boy-oh-i miss you much)

I really miss you much (m-i-s-s you much)

I miss ya much (boy-oh-i miss you much)

Baby I really miss you much (m-i-s-s you much)

I’m rushing home

Just as soon as I can

I’m rushing home to see

Your smiling face

And feel your warm embrace

It makes f-feel so g-g-g good

So I’ll tell you baby

Repeat chorus

I miss you much

I really really miss you

You much

I miss you much

I’m not ashamed to tell the world

I miss you

Repeat chorus

But really it’s all about the beat. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were unstoppable. Until they stopped, of course.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Attendants call for film boycott

This is absurd. Favorite quote:

“If the events of 11 September 2001 were ever repeated, he added, “it would be critical for the cabin crew to have the support of their passengers, not the distrust this movie may engender.”

- Tommie Hutto-Blake, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA)

You mean to tell me, Mr. Hutto-Blake, that if some lady suddenly started claiming mid-flight that her daughter was missing and you had no record of her, that you’d be taking it as seriously as terrorists on the plane?

It’s A MOVIE…that no one will remember in two months.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Nano owners complain about damage

This is probably only the beginning.

People are starting to complain about Apple. And it’s about time. There will always be the Apple enthusiast who believes Jobs can do no wrong [or who has an Apple tattoo, like Cory from BoingBoing], but really–no company is that good. Backlash was bound to happen.

But this isn’t just trend backlash, this is a company who is suddenly making crappy hardware. One of the first crappy hardware instances I heard of was a line of iBooks with the same internal problem (something to do with the ethernet port to the logic board, I think). We’re talking thousands of consumers with totally busted laptops. Too bad Apple Care only lasts 90 days. But more recently, the Mighty Mouse has been heralded, by Leo Laporte namely, as a piece of engineering crap.

And now the Nano. Cute, sleek, and easily destroyed.

The same thing is starting to happen to Google. Their web accelerator was taken off their server like two days after a beta (of course) release due to tons of issues. Google Talk isn’t anything special. They’ve done little with Blogger.

But there will always be Microsoft, making even bigger mistakes until finally, hopefully within the next couple of years–the general public will become so frustrated that they will turn elsewhere. But that will only happen if Apple wises up and allows OSX to be put on non-Macs.

We shall see.

Is It Better to Buy or Rent? – New York Times

This is an extreme example focusing on NYC and Cali, but case studies sited prove that owning is more expensive than renting.

I’ve stayed away from owning for a couple of reasons. One, I’m a one-person deal. I don’t have thousands of dollars in savings. I haven’t owned a car for more than a year. I simply doubt that I could “buy” a house right now anyway.

Secondly, I’m lazy. Although I’d like a garden, I don’t want the bother of shoveling, mowing, etc. I don’t want to suddenly have to put in a new cement walk up to the front door. I don’t want my water heater to break suddenly. I don’t want to call a plumber to fix a leaky sink. And think about all the expenses for a house that you never get back. It’s just not worth it to me, unless you have three other people to help with the chores and surprise payments.

And that money I’m saving by not replacing my roof, I’m putting away for my retirement. Now a retirement home sounds less scary after living in apartments all my life.

The iPod Mini… from 1954

Looks eerily familiar.

This is fantastic. These little radios look like early iPods (with speakers instead of headphones).

Ass Backwards – The media’s silence about rampant anal sex. By William Saletan

It’s their own fault.

Not that I ever will, but I don’t ever want to hear a Republican complain about the anal sex stats. The admittance of anal sex has gone up because these fine, Christian young people don’t believe it’s sex. They think it’s a free, ehem, ride, to pleasure with no moral or bodily consequences. I guess when you think that HIV/AIDS is “the gay cancer” or the disease of junkies, you don’t realize that anal sex is really the culprit.

These girls who’ve had a cock up their asses still call themselves virgins. I suppose that coincides with the majority of people’s belief that lesbians are virigins if they’ve never been with a guy.

These are consquences of a lack of sex education in our schools. But the “Right” would never admit that.

America the Book (

Kottke hadn’t heard of America, the book (

This is the last straw. I’m taking kottke off my bloglines. All this guy seems to care/know about is what he reads on a few select blogs (who also read and link to him) and design (which his site shows little of). I’m so sick of the mutual back-scratching of a few select blogs. Whatever kottke has to say, I’ll end up reading it somewhere else (not BoingBoing either because they are on my shitlist as well) anyway. Plus the other blogs will probably post the same info earlier and with more thought and skepticism.

And he calls himself a liberal. And some people PAID him to blog. Shame on the blog world.

How will I know what to wear?

From Google sidebar this morning: