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worst album covers of all time

Did anyone else know that Martin Mull had an album?

See that and more where Pitchfork lists the worst album covers of all time.

Canada’s come a long way

Damn Interesting » The Gay-Detecting Fruit Machine

“During the 1950s and 1960s, some otherwise freedom-loving governments waged secret wars against suspected homosexuals within their borders. During those years, Canada’s campaign to eliminate all homosexuals from the military, police, and the civil service was particularly broad and unforgiving, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) compiling files on over 9,000 suspected homosexuals.”

Make your own joke about the use of “mounted.”

would you ever see something like this in Cosmo or Redbook? ad on Men’s Health magazine site.


This is what I’ve been up to lately:

  • moving. I moved the day before Thanksgiving. Even though I had movers, it was still tiring. Not to mention unbearably expensive. It’s cost me close to $1000 so far. But, living at the new place for about a year will even out those expenses because rent is cheaper.
  • Sufjan Stevens. I wish he were up in me, but until then, I’m really into his album Illinois.
  • new features at Tagging! Improved wish list functions! Plus I got me some FREE two-day shipping because I was “randomly” selected for a free Prime Membership four-month trial (free 2-day shipping and $4 overnight shipping). I’m ordering EVERYTHING off Amazon during that time.
  • Franz Ferdinand. I give up. They are catchy as hell and that’s good enough for me.
  • All the movies coming out this season. It’s amazing. I haven’t ever wanted to see so many movies in the theatre. Walk the Line. Brokeback Mountain. Chronicles of Narnia. There are many more. I should keep a list on this here blog.
  • My new shower head. It’s like a hand-held bidet that helps fight breast cancer!
  • Reading. I swear this time I’ll get into it. Less internets and dumb TV.
  • finding a new vacuum. Trying to make the job more fun.

More intriguing insight as it comes my way.

a bit of complaining

A bit of complaining here, but not about things I can’t control. These are all things I can control, but have managed to fuck up this week:

  • I did not manage my time or the roads during a small snow storm Tuesday night so I failed to pick up a friend as I promised.
  • I (half) locked my keys in my car at a gas station before I tried to pick up my friend again, as I promised. Long story.
  • I changed my mind about picking up my friend for a THIRD time in one week because I didn’t want to wait around for her. Naturally, she’s extremely mad with me at this time.
  • Work is becoming more stressful and I worry if I can handle it, or if someone else will get the work I want.
  • I forgot my cell phone at work Friday night so I had to drive 20 minutes back to the office, then 20 minutes to another friend’s place across town. I tried to tell her that the Russian restaurant she wanted to go to another 15 minutes from her place no longer existed and that I needed to be in St Paul (another 20 minutes away in the opposite direction) by 9:30. This was at 7:00.
  • I was right (only the second time I was vindicated this week) about the Russian restaurant. We ate at Baker’s Square at 8:00.
  • I met some friends at a far-away cinema for Walk the Line, only to discover as they were walking up that the showing was sold out.
  • I’m moving on Wednesday. Packing all week sucks ass.

The first time I was vindicated this week (though it wasn’t really vindication at all, but it felt good anyway) was that I found a bunch of boxes in the cardboard recycling dumpster in the garage. That was Monday–the last good day of the week.

I will prevail! I will triumph! The move will be good! I’ll get through this! I’m a better person than this!

/public bitch session (at myself)

Netflix Local Favorites

Netflix Local Favorites says a lot about your town.

Some top rentals in Minneapolis:

* Freaks and Geeks
* Aqua Teen Hunger Force
* Da Ali G Show
* Six Feet Under
* Flaming Lips: Fearless Freaks
* Rope
* The L Word

Some top rentals in western Wisconsin:
* S.W.A.T.
* Without a Paddle
* Cellular
* The Longest Yard
* The Upside of Anger

Some top rentals in D.C.:
* things I have never heard of
* Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (YES!)
* West Wing (ha!)
* The War Room (do these people ever get tired of government?)

This is hilarious. This is how we will describe cities and areas from now on. Minneapolis is full of gay stoners who love high-end cable, western Wisconsin missed the Hollywood movies in the theatres because they were too busy getting drunk in a gravel pit, and DC is totally separate, weird, and government-focused.

The other Coleman "from" Minnesota

Why is it that whenever MN Senetor Norm Coleman gets quoted in national and international news, it’s because he dissed the UN? What is this guy’s problem?

And what does he know about the internet, anyway?

And in a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal, Republican Senator Norm Coleman wrote: “There is no rational justification for politicising internet governance within a United Nations framework.”

I do happen to agree with him here (as do most people), but how come he speaks louder when it comes to UN stuff?

No Child, or public for that matter, Left Behind

Originally uploaded by nophotosplease.

These little school houses are in front of the Department of Education.

Behind a Do Not Enter sign.

Too good to be true.

(From my trip to DC last weekend.)


Originally uploaded by nophotosplease.

This is just what he deserves, especially when he’s in the company of Jimmy Carter and JFK.

(From my DC trip last weekend.)

Capote – review

Finally getting around to reviewing Capote, which I saw with Laura last Friday.

I shouldn’t compare the two, but I liked it better than Good Night, and Good Luck. There was an actual story here, about factual occurances, just like In Cold Blood. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the best actor that I know working today. Although the characters he plays could all come from the same, insane family, he plays them all with such passion. He sinks into his characters. It’s amazing to watch.

I must admit that I know nothing about Truman Capote. I’d heard of In Cold Blood, but I’ve never read it. Yeah, yeah–some English major. But we’re discussing the film here. Despite his annoying voice and selfish motives, Hoffman’s Capote is hilarious. He’s faulted and it’s relieving that he was not sainted in a biopic.

Catherine Keener as Nelle Harper Lee is marvelous as well. She looks plain and smart and her relationship with Capote looks like every other straight girl-gay man friendship, except she’s far from the typical fag hag. She’s Capote’s respected right-hand lady. She’s the one who can tell Capote he’s being a selfish prick when he’s barely paying attention to his lover.

Acting is the main reason why Capote is great. But the writing deserves recognition as well. I did fall behind early on (for some reason I didn’t catch on that Capote was befriending the criminals), but I guess that was my fault since Sassy didn’t have that problem.

Anyway, it’s 8 out of 10 stars for sure. Highly recommended.