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The Truth May Hurt Some More than Others Reality Check 2.0

This post says everything I’ve thought and written about Web 2.0, and more. I totally agree with everything the author is saying. Why is this surprising, why isn’t this post common sense?

Very few Web 2.0 sites are going to make it past this year. Tagging will probably catch on with the masses, if not only because of flickr. More Hotmail users will migrate to Gmail, or the new Yahoo mail (which I’ll finally have a review of soon). Those are my predictions.

But yeah, wake up geeks like Cory D. and Jason K., you’re living in a bubble.

Dear Chuck Klosterman,

Just in case you don’t read the message boards, I’ll reprint what I wrote there, here:

Chuck, we know you’re a kidder. But there are some things you just don’t joke about: one is dead cats and the other is Chinese Democracy. You’ve managed to do both in one article. What’s up?

I downloaded some Chinese Democracy “demos” just a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything since. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it came out today with no press, but I can’t find anything about this, even on Interscope’s website. What’s going on? My minor cubical hissy fit better be well deserved.

With my Midwest Best,
AKM Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy (Interscope)

Funny word verification

marathonpacks: ucockly

I’m cockly, you’re cockly, we’re all cockly!

Best joke in a long time

The Art of Britney Spears – Yahoo! News: “Where others saw an about-to-pop pop tart, he, who had never followed her career, much less her tabloid-tracked personal life, saw a ‘beautiful pregnant woman’–an ‘unelected spokesperson for pro-life.’”

“Edwards said he doesn’t mean “pro-life” in the political sense. And he said he is not a member of the Manhattan Right to Life Committee, the anti-abortion group whose pamphlets are to be incorporated into the Spears display. (From what he’s heard, he said, the group isn’t fond of the statue. A message seeking comment from the organization was not returned Monday.)”

No shit. These are the people who are very pro-life in every sense of the term (except when it comes to criminals) – the people who find women’s bodies offensive. Because, you know, all those opinions totally make sense together.

Here’s the kicker:
But it was what Edwards didn’t say that perhaps was most intriguing of all: That it’s all a joke, a goof. On Spears. On the anti-abortion movement. On the pro-choice movement. The punchline of The Birth of Sean Preston, apparently, is that there is no punchline. The gallery press release touting the sculpture’s depiction of the pregnant Spears’ “lactiferous breasts,” “protruding naval,” “water retentive hands,” and “widened hips for birthing?” Serious. Apparently.


I’m a sucker

Cheapest Mags Online – Real Magazine Subscriptions, at Real Prices

Seriously, I can’t find a catch. And I got it from Deal Detectives, so I trust it.

So, for my readers who want Maxim but just can’t afford it, now’s your chance!

IE 7 beta 2 broke my computer

That’s right. I now have to reinstall Windows, or hope that the repair CD will just fix the broken bits and leave the rest. It’s been a nightmare. I installed IE 7 Monday night, but it wouldn’t start. I got a dll error telling me I should reinstall the application.

So I uninstalled it. After it finally finished, the dialog box said my computer would reboot. It didn’t after about a minute so I held down the power button and rebooted the computer. Just after the XP screen, I got an error I can find nothing about. It concerns Explorer.exe and a missing dll. It says I should reinstall the application.

Of course, I can’t reinstall anything because I can’t get to my Start menu or files or anything. Luckily I had a copy of Knoppix 3.8, which I knew would save the day. It took a while, but it eventually has. Knoppix is Linux on a CD (though the most recent version only fits on a DVD). This gives you the opportunity to view all of your files and under certain conditions, copy them elsewhere (a network, a CD or DVD, a USB drive).

Despite a thumb drive I borrowed from a co-worker not working, I bought a 100 gig USB drive, hoping to move my My Documents folder to the external drive. No go. Apparently it does work sometimes, but of course Linux can’t write to a NTFS drive.

But then I remembered my external DVD/CD burner. Knoppix comes with all sorts of software. I downloaded the latest version of Knoppix at work and burned it to a DVD at home last night. This enabled me to burn my files onto DVDs, slowly but surely.

I’ve got one or two DVDs worth of files left to burn. This has saved me in so many ways – I would have had to pay something like Geek Squad way too much money to transfer all these files for me.

So here’s what I’ve learned: back up often to an external drive and download Knoppix for emergencies (and for fiddling with Linux, which is super nerdy and fun). Oh, and don’t install IE 7 beta 2. If I’ve been a martyr for just one person who reads this blog, so be it.

Search engines are funny

Wired News: Amazon Changes ‘Abortion Queries said Monday it had modified the way its search engine handles queries for the term “abortion” after receiving an e-mail complaint that the results appeared biased.

Until the recent change, a user who visited the Seattle internet retailer and typed in the word “abortion” received a prompt asking, “Did you mean adoption?” followed by search results for “abortion.”

I love it! But why in the world would A9 not recognize “abortion” as a real world? I mean, it requires no spell check. Kinda fishy…

British comedy on the BBC

BBC NEWS | Americas | Venezuelans pose nude before hero:

“‘I’m not going to tell my mother about this until I receive the print. She’s going to think I’m crazy,’ Josefa Maria Briceno, 35, told the Associated Press news agency.”

Way to go–now Josefa’s mom could read this story in several news reports.

And by the way, if you enjoy that news story, you should watch the film, Naked States.

Trendy misspellings

Why does misusing grammar become trendy? Once upon a time, not so long ago, adding a period to the end of taglines was trendy. It still is, to some extent. Just do it. Drivers Wanted. Similarly, tons of wannabes have added “i” to the beginning of their gaget or webapp. Soon after Windows XP came out, lots of software companies added “x” to their software version ID (e.g. Dreamweaver MX).

Since flickr, there’s been a huge influx of webapps that loose the “e” at the end of the made-up verb they’ve called their service.

Along the same lines, since, there’s been a few similarly period-laden URLs for social bookmarking, mostly.

I thought originality was supposed to thrive on the internet. Instead, it seems like it’s just like the rest of the world–a few people come up with a couple clever ideas and then 95% of the world pinches those ideas. Sad.

Blimp 9 does it again!

Search Engine Journal » Accoona – AI Search or Poor Search?

For some reason this morning Fox (Blimp) 9 news here in the Twin Cities decided that they’d bring in some tech headlines. Right after an update on the situation in Iraq, Alix told us that “Google now has some competition” in a new search engine called Acoona. It uses artificial intelligence and is supposedly way more accurate.

What? They sounded worse than Future Tense (another not-so-great MN news service) even. It seriously sounded like they got a press release, had 20 seconds to devote to tech news for no good reason, and went with it.

So just now I went to the site. It resembles Google. How clever and original. Then I did a Google news search for Acoona. I got one hit (see link above). Um yeah–great reporting once again, Fox. It’s the best they can do considering that they’re STILL on about underage drinking like nobody knew it existed. And the evils of MySpace, of course. Scary stuff and trends that will never happen are the focus of Fox.

Great, now I have “Hakuna Matata” in my head. Damn Acoona.