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Act like you’re a fly on the wall

Guardian Unlimited Arts | | ‘We are unable to console one another. Is there hope?’

If you are a fan of Stephin Merrit (The Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes, etc.) and/or Lemony Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Events), you absolutely must read this article.

Merrit has compiled the songs he wrote about Snicket’s books into an album by The Gothic Archies. I’ve been listening a lot to 69 Love Songs lately. The guy is brilliant, and this article proves it possibly even more than his music does.

Both of their understated, dry as dirt senses of humor shine here. It sort of reminds me of Edward Albee’s plays. Love it.

Winning the War on Terror(ism)

Whitney Houston Files for Divorce –

Maybe Whitney’s takin’ one for the team. Maybe she’s fallen for Osama’s sexy videos and beard. Maybe now Osama will forgive the United States for our wrongs and leave us alone.


A big duh

It’s time to reconsider Google | | CNET

Is this article meant to be shocking? Google maps aren’t the best? There are other search engines? What?? *Gasp!*

No, Iknow Mr. Needleman means well. After all, I tend to agree with him. Not that I’d abaondon Google, but as I think I’ve said before–they’ve got their little grubby hands in too many things right now.

I always go toYahoo Maps beore Google Maps because of the traffic offering from Yahoo. I also just like their beta better than Google’s (except that the zoom bar is backwards). But just now I looked at the maps, and they are nice. In fact, the “aerial” view is far superior to those on any other site. However, rendering time is pretty stinky.

I think ads, now the bread and butter of Google, will endup being a thorn in its side (if they haven’t already).

Update: I think what really bothers me is that this article assumes that either Google is the best or that or that everyone assumes they are they best. As we know in the case of Microsoft, bigger isn’t always better. Not that Google is Microsoft…yet. And I do love Google. I use its awesome toolbar and desktop search.

Cataloging Music

So I decided this weekend to finally catalog all those random yet somewhat organized CD-Rs I’ve burned off digital music I’ve aquired in the past couple of years. It’s starting to get messy–I forget I have entire albums, or burn them more than once…

Anyway, I decided to use Google Spreadsheets for this project. It’s been going pretty fast, but I just ran into an interesting fact: a Google spreadsheet can only be 100 rows long. Sure, you can add another sheet, but WTF?

Other than that, it seems to work fine for what I want to do. I’m not a spreadsheet geek in the least (which is revealed time and time again at work–whoops), so I don’t need much. Now if they had something like Access, I’d be really happy.

P.S. If anyone knows of a free-ish (under $15) app that will catalog music without me having to slap in every single disc I know, please let me know!


My new favorite blog, indexed (thanks, Reanne!) is making my work days so much happier.

The author makes charts on index cards and scans them in as blogger posts. But of course, that’s already “vaguely self-explanatory.” I think the indexed blog is a metaphor for our crazy modern lives, I’m just not exactly sure how that is true.

A few of my recent favorites are “Original copies”, “Glucose free”, and “Stay connected.” I wonder what this person does for a living. No matter what, I wish I was his or her friend.

Anyway, check it out!