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Now I Just Need Someone to Make it Come True

I got the ultimate fortune in a fortune cookie today:

Good fortune in love as well as a better position.

…in bed.

I mean really. Was this meant for one of those dirty fortune cookies? The weird part is that it’s not even a sentence. It leaves the reader hanging. So strange.

A Few Things

Forgive me Father, for it has been nearly one full month since my last post. I have no excuse. I’ve had a few post ideas in my head, but laziness or being completely sick of sitting in front of a computer prevent me from following through. Still, here I am, the ever prodigal daughter. Enough religious allusions…

I owe a shout out to a buddy. Because he and his friends are so nerdy and awesome, during our last snowstorm they built Better Together. You add things that go better together and you can agree with others to be all Web 2.0-y. I added pickles and chocolate milk. Now you go add something (or better yet, agree with me!). Trust me — you’ll want to jump on this bandwagon early because I give it two months before it’s Dugg and Wired to death. :)

In trend news, I’ve been obsessed with music. What’s new about that, you ask? Not much other than my Rhapsody subscription, which is totally kicking my ass. Imagine access to almost every song you’d ever want to hear, for only $9 a month. It took a lot of convincing for me, but it’s my best investment so far this year. I have gotten to know some great bands that I probably wouldn’t have pursued because of Rhapsody. What’s really fun is that Rhapsody makes me want to set aside special music listening time, which I’d never really done before.

Some music I’ve been really in to lately:

  • M. Ward
  • Heartless Bastards
  • Neil Young
  • Arcade Fire (duh)

Some TV shows I’ve been really in to lately:

  • “Modern Marvels”
  • “American Idol” (shutup)
  • “The Soup”

I’ve all but given up on “Lost” and “Brothers & Sisters”. I just don’t get why it’s so hard to make quality stories for TV.

Unrelated: Today was very interesting. It started out sad because I lacked any plans or people to make any with, but then a dear friend from Wisconsin called me and we had a great conversation that really lifted me up. The kicker was that she told me that her dad told her that I could come stay with them next time she visited them because “he feels like he could tell me anything” and “really enjoys my company”. (Of course we joked that he’ll start asking for marriage advice.) I really needed that boost of self-confidence right at that moment, and thinking about it later brought a tear to my normally dry eyes.

Then I bought a new cell phone and picked up some Chin’s for dinner. At Chin’s, a girl handed me my bag of food without saying my name, which I figured was because I was the only one waiting. I smiled and thanked her and she replied, “I knew it was yours because you always get the same thing.” I was shocked. I’ve ordered it maybe three times and I didn’t recognize her. It’s a amazing to think about how you affect people and that the most random of folks can remember you. And for some reason, that made me feel more alive than I’ve felt in a while. Thanks, Chin’s girl.