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Who knew?

Who knew Eddie Izzard was hot?

Stand-up transvestite Eddie:

Very Liza Minnelli circa Cabaret. Attractive, but is it just the makeup?

Eddie as Wayne Malloy on “The Riches“:

Hot in a surprisingly butch way. Plus he and fellow Brit Minnie Driver show off their rather good American accents (Minnie’s very Southern while Eddie’s is just plain American). Well done!

I’m Calling It Now – Part 2

In a previous post, I predicted that Capitol/EMI would issue DRM-free music, including the Beatles, on Valentine’s Day. Well, I was one third right.

EMI takes locks off music tracks
Premium tracks will be of higher quality than existing downloads
Music giant EMI is taking software locks off its digital music sold via download sites such as iTunes.

Mmmhmm, that’s right. These new and improved files will be available in May. And gee, what a coincidence, that also happens to be when the new Mac OS and product line are due out. New Apple computers, new OS, new iLife, DRM-free music…

and one more thing…

Beatles on iTunes.

I’m calling it.