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Technology is Da Bomb

Two technological advances have recently been added to my apartment.

Number one is a Wii. After searching several spots in Eau Claire, Wisconsin last Saturday, I finally found one of seven available at SuperTarget the next day. So I “worked out” with WiiSports all week, and it seems to be working. I’m no longer sore for two days after playing baseball.

Yesterday I purchased Mario Galaxy, which has proven to be as much of a time suck as I expected. However, I think it gave me a migraine today. After getting hung up on a couple levels, I decided to google solutions to killing the bosses. Turns out, some dude has recorded his plays with perfect quality and uploaded them to, what else, YouTube. Mario Galaxy is a really good game. The storyline is actually really good and could easily be a children’s fantasy cartoon or picture book. And every level is so visually creative. I don’t know how those Japanese do it. No wonder it’s the top rated Wii game thusfar, according to Metacritic.

The number two technical advance in my apartment is the Le Bistro automatic pet feeder. Amelia eating from Le BistroMy cat has been causing me a lot of trouble, waking me up between 5:00 and 6:30 to feed her. I’m hoping the feeder will solve that issue, but it hasn’t after five days. We’ll see. Like everyone else who has purchased Le Bistro, I thought it was a bitch to program. There’s only three buttons, but it’s impossible to keep what they do straight with every level within the menu. Somehow I accidentally changed the actual time and added lunch (normally Amelia is only fed breakfast and dinner) so she may have been getting four meals for two days.

Yay for crap the middle class wastes money on!

Non-tech-P.S. I met Alan Sparhawk from Low last night! He’s friends with my friend Chad. I tried to keep the convo as normal as possible, and it seemed to work. We discussed SXSW, trail mix, and some other stuff I’ve already forgotten. I didn’t say anything gushy, which I sort of regret. Super nice guy.

A Few Things

  1. Admittedly, I screamed like a little girl when I heard about the new Fox show, The Return of Jezebel James. Umm, how is it even possible for two of the coolest women on earth to be on the same show together? Will the world implode after it premieres tomorrow night? Of course, it’s a bit suspicious for Parker Posey, Queen of Indie, and Lauren Ambrose, who many thought would be Princess of Indie after “Starting Out in the Evening” last year, to suddenly be on a laugh-track laden Fox sitcom. But we take the cool where we can get it.
  2. Yeah, so I really like Charlie Chaplin. I’ve been reading his autobiography and although I don’t know who he’s talking about half the time, I hear the names of his friends brought up now. Like today “Lady Astor” was a Jeopardy clue, and she was a friend of Charlie. There’s something positively magnetic about him. It sounds weird, but I feel a connection to him. I could take or leave his really old films, but he sort of reminds me of Alan Alda in his preachiness-meets-dramady take on filmmaking and acting in his later films. Tonight I purchased mp3s (from Amazon — it’s a pretty slick little app) of some cello/violin and piano recordings of some of his compositions. They’re so passionate! What I can’t find out for sure is whether it’s Charlie playing. A review makes it sound like he is, but the quality sounds too good. I hope it is though.
  3. I’ve got a couple shows coming up. The Raveonettes on Monday and Retribution Gospel Choir next Saturday. But Wednesday is Stephen Malkmus, and if I’m up to going alone and there’s still tickets, I may go to that as well. He’s another artist that I just feel a weird connection with. Oddly enough, I could take or leave Pavement recordings, but I really love his solo stuff. I know — flog me now, Pitchfork sheep.
  4. IT’S FINALLY SPRING!!!!!!!!1111!!!!1

Targeted Ads Gone Wrong

So I went to Stereogum today because a friend recommended this cover of Radiohead’s “Just”. I wanted to watch this clever and jumpy adaptation, but I was distracted by the ad to the right side of the page.

Target ad from

Louie Anderson? Really? It’s a local ad, too. For Treasure Island near Rochester, Minnesota. Yeah, that’s some fancy ad targeting in terms of geography, but WTF was it doing on STEREOGUM, the music blog for the kids who are so cool they diss Pitchfork openly?