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Funny spam

Looks like spammers are turning to society’s craving for juicy bits on celebs. Namely, Angelina Jolie.

Here’s a screeshot of some recent spam subject lines from my Gmail account, highlight a truly special accusation:

spam subject lines

I must admit that I really wanted to open that email. I wonder how she would do it — especially without help. Enticing!

NPR Gets Funny

So I get these polls to take from NPR every once in a while. Normally they are exactly what one would expect from an NPR poll — dry, long, and boring.

Today’s, however, was quite humorous right from the start. Check out the third and fourth choices in particular (click to enlarge):

NPR gets funny in a poll

Which one would you pick?


Yeah, I have a WiiFit. And yeah, I still use it. Not every day, but I find it to be a great supplement to my exercise routine. I’m not one to join a gym or do a bunch of sit-ups on my own, so the WiiFit is a great motivator, and I definitely have reaped some benefits (firmer abs, greater endurance, and better posture).

Here are a couple of my finest moments.

Here’s a pic from when I finally beat that damn balance balls game or whatever it’s called:

Me beating the WiiFit balance balls game

Champion!! That’s probably nothing to a lot of people, but it took me nearly 50 days (unknown number of attempts) to reach this.

And here’s a pic of me achieving perfect balance on the balance test (part of the fitness test you’re supposed to take every day):

Perfect WiiFit balance on the balance test

I pre-ordered Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii, which I am super psyched for. I played Rock Band on the Wii last night and can see what people have been complaining about. Still, what a fun and somewhat productive thing to do (making even fake music is productive in my book).

Also, a co-worker lent me Zack & Wiki, which was super fun so I decided to buy it. It uses the Wiimote in very clever ways, and the levels are interesting. You can’t buy it new any more for some reason though, but there’s some Amazon merchants selling new ones on the cheap.

But nothing will compare to what’s in store with WiiMusic (video). w00t!

An extraordinary film

I saw one of the finest films I’ve seen this year, if not the best. A friend wanted to go, and I went with, not knowing much about it.

It’s “The Visitor“, and I suggest everyone to run out and see it. I’m saying this not because it could be a sleeper hit like “Juno” or “Once” last year or ev

en an Oscar contender, but because it is an amazing story told in an elegant way by fantastic actors.

It’s hard to tell who is visiting who. The story begins with a lonely widower professor (you’ll know him as the dead dad from “Six Feet Under”), bored with life and missing his wife. He’s forced to go to New York (he lives and Conneicut) for a conference, where he temporarily moves back into an apartment he’s kept there (and probably hasn’t visited since his wife died). Much to his surprise, a young mixed-nationality couple has moved in based on their friend Ivan’s say-so.


The professor allows the couple to stay at the apartment anyway. The young man plays an ethnic drum of some kind (please excuse my ignorance), and the professor gets into it (he’s already failed piano lessons). The men become fast friends. From there, the story takes two very interesting twists that seem so natural are dealt with so seamlessly, you hardly notice they are twists. It simply feels real.

I won’t give away any more except to say that along with a great story, this is also one of the great New York movies I’ve seen. It really shows New York in all its (sometimes shitty) glory. The subway, the street musicians, the gross delis, the ugly coffee shops, and most importantly, the diversity. It’s the New York I’ve visited, and I’ve never really seen it shown correctly in a film before. Perhaps “Annie Hall” showed it honestly as it was in the mid-70s, but I wouldn’t really know.

So, go see “The Visitor” — 9/10 stars!