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Tivo has gone too far

I intended my next blog post to be about my time in downtown St Paul during the Republican convention. I saw a taping of “The Daily Show” and some far less funny things on the street. I didn’t get around to it though, and the subject has been beat to death, so I’ll save you all from it.

Instead, I have an irritation to share. I love my Tivo. It has literally changed the way I watch TV. I don’t mind all the “Thumbs Up” things on commercials. I don’t mind the stupid messages Tivo downloads to my box. I can deal with the Norton ad on the bottom of the Tivo home screen.

But this is too much. Today I turned on my Tivo to find my Now Playing List contained a program with a different icon than I had seen, and it was something I did not schedule myself.

Now Playing

When I played it, my worst fears were realized.

Tivo infomercial opening

What the hell does Tivo think they’re doing?! I PAY for this subscription service, and they have the balls to download a 29 minute infomercial to my box?! I don’t even know what the stupid infomercial is for — I’m not watching that shit.

Tivo, if you’re listening — knock it off NOW.