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A parable

I’m watching a bio on Ronald Reagan. He offered, on behalf of all delegates, Richard Nixon as the Republican nominee for president in 1968. It was that film clip that made me realize a parable for what our country has been going through for the last 80 years.

Since Nixon, it seems like we’ve had an Old Testament God offering us two choices for president. In the Old Testament, God often gives the Israelites choices, often with detrimental repercussions. Don’t eat the fruit or you’ll lose favor with Me, don’t look back or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt,  don’t sin too much or I’ll destroy everything in a flood. Actually, I don’t think God offered any pre-flood retribution besides Noah and his family, but you get my point.

We hit great milestones and prosperity beginning with FDR, then later Kennedy and Johnson. We saw how great America could be, how we could change for the better in our actions with the world and each other. But then came Nixon. In my parable, Man’s sins killed Robert Kennedy, leading to our punishment – Tricky Dick Nixon. We finally turned around with Jimmy Carter, but like Christ he was too good, so we killed him too soon. Reagan and Bush I were meant to be our Great Flood, with Clinton as Noah, and prosperity and fairness returned.

But like the early Israelites, we just can’t seem to handle the good stuff for too long. We seem to live to suffer, so we elected the dumbest, worst president ever, Bush II.

Now is our chance to move away from that Old Testament God and join the new world, a New Testament with Barack Obama.

I am not saying that Obama (or Carter) are Christ-like in the least. Just that this is our opportunity to start anew, bring a new Covenant to America so we can grow and love and be loved based on our actions. I know that apple (McCain/Palin) is tempting to some voters, but don’t let it decieve you. Patience will bring us something like Eden, even if it only means a Clinton-like balanced budget and fair taxing or a FDR-style New Deal.