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Well, here we are. The season for good films has come and gone already. The Oscars are on Sunday, and although I’m excited, I can’t say what I’m excited for exactly. Hardly any films really captured me this year. But here’s a few that did.

The Visitor

As I already blogged, I thought this movie was amazing. I literally yelped with glee when I found out he was nominated — I wanted him to be recognized so badly. What a beautiful, subtle, and understated performance that too few big name actors could give. I watched it with my mom, and she called it the best movie she’s seen in a long time. I found a few holes in the plot upon my second watching, but I can look past that for such an original script.

Man on Wire

If it hadn’t actually happened, I’d never believe it. Whenever I stumble a little or lose my balance a bit, I think of Philippe Petit on the wire between the Twin Towers. How could he do it? It’s a glorious story with great meaning for so many reasons. Philippe Petit is absolutely crazy, but I’m thankful for his craziness.

John Adams

Though not a theatatrically realeased film, it’s the one that affected me the most. It’s astoundingly accurate, and Paul Giamati has won my respect once again for his brilliant performance. I hope he gets more roles like this…it reminded me of how good he was in American Splendor.

The Dark Knight

I actually forgot how much I enjoyed it at the time. It hasn’t held up for me mentally like the other three films above. I’m not a superhero girl at all, but this one and Batman Begins were really fantastic portrayals of that genre. I don’t think it should have been nominated for best picture, and I think any argument for such is pretty lame. It’s a great movie played by excellent actors, but it’s still basically an action/adventure film with more emotion than the average action/adventure film.

I’ve seen all but one of the best picture nominees, Frost/Nixon, though I plan to see it tomorrow. I’ve seen almost all the other acting nominees, except Doubt, The Wrestler, Frozen River, and Rachel Getting Married.

I assume the highly overrated Slumdog Millionaire will win it all. If the film hadn’t included the far-fetched love story, I would have liked it better. I also feel like it’s become the token foreign film for a lot of people.

Here’s the rest of my Oscar picks/wants.

Best Picture:

Pick – Slumdog Millionaire

Want – I really don’t care, but I guess Milk right now

Leading Actor:

Pick – Sean Penn. Sorry Mickey, but I think your “welcome back” was the Golden Globe

Want – Sean Penn or Richard Jenkins, but he obviously won’t get it

Leading Actress:

Pick – Anne Hathaway or Melissa Leo. I fully expect a surprise in this category since nobody wants to choose between Meryl and Kate

Want – I can’t say cuz I’ve only seen  The Reader, and I don’t think Kate deserves it

Screenplay, Original:

Original screenplays are always an important thing I look at. I’m a real critic of dialog, which is funny considering that my pick has hardly any.

Pick – Wall-e

Want – Wall-e, though I can’t say for sure since the only other one I’ve seen is Milk, which I don’t think should be in this category. Wall-e wasn’t perfect, but it was very original.

What are you picks? Who got snubbed?