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If you’re a fan of Six Feet Under, I’m sure that like me, you can’t stop thinking about last night’s episode.

It was brilliant. That episode exemplified why I watch that show. Why I’m in love with all the characters. We’re all like someone, or like all of them. I’ve got a little bit of everyone in me–I’m passive-aggressive like Ruth, I get scared of commitment like Nate, I’m anal like David, I never fit in like Claire…I love it.

Someone on the HBO SFU message board said that it would be really nice irony if Nate isn’t dead–that he ends up vegetable-like or disabled in some way while his newborn baby is completely healthy. I bet the real story will be as good as that, and then 10 times better.

What a fuckhead. He’s so predictable–and the writers know this. That’s why the unpredictable happened–his AVM fucked up without warning. Plausible and convienant, especially since nobody likes him any more.

But poor Brenda. She’s the best, morally and intellectually-speaking, character on the show. Which is funny because she’s also the atheist. Sure, she needs to be reminded of the best way to act sometimes, but then she’ll do it and realize her mistake. She’s that comfortable with herself, and that is truly admirable.

I absolutely cannot wait until next Sunday.

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