Netflix Local Favorites

Netflix Local Favorites says a lot about your town.

Some top rentals in Minneapolis:

* Freaks and Geeks
* Aqua Teen Hunger Force
* Da Ali G Show
* Six Feet Under
* Flaming Lips: Fearless Freaks
* Rope
* The L Word

Some top rentals in western Wisconsin:
* S.W.A.T.
* Without a Paddle
* Cellular
* The Longest Yard
* The Upside of Anger

Some top rentals in D.C.:
* things I have never heard of
* Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (YES!)
* West Wing (ha!)
* The War Room (do these people ever get tired of government?)

This is hilarious. This is how we will describe cities and areas from now on. Minneapolis is full of gay stoners who love high-end cable, western Wisconsin missed the Hollywood movies in the theatres because they were too busy getting drunk in a gravel pit, and DC is totally separate, weird, and government-focused.

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