a bit of complaining

A bit of complaining here, but not about things I can’t control. These are all things I can control, but have managed to fuck up this week:

  • I did not manage my time or the roads during a small snow storm Tuesday night so I failed to pick up a friend as I promised.
  • I (half) locked my keys in my car at a gas station before I tried to pick up my friend again, as I promised. Long story.
  • I changed my mind about picking up my friend for a THIRD time in one week because I didn’t want to wait around for her. Naturally, she’s extremely mad with me at this time.
  • Work is becoming more stressful and I worry if I can handle it, or if someone else will get the work I want.
  • I forgot my cell phone at work Friday night so I had to drive 20 minutes back to the office, then 20 minutes to another friend’s place across town. I tried to tell her that the Russian restaurant she wanted to go to another 15 minutes from her place no longer existed and that I needed to be in St Paul (another 20 minutes away in the opposite direction) by 9:30. This was at 7:00.
  • I was right (only the second time I was vindicated this week) about the Russian restaurant. We ate at Baker’s Square at 8:00.
  • I met some friends at a far-away cinema for Walk the Line, only to discover as they were walking up that the showing was sold out.
  • I’m moving on Wednesday. Packing all week sucks ass.

The first time I was vindicated this week (though it wasn’t really vindication at all, but it felt good anyway) was that I found a bunch of boxes in the cardboard recycling dumpster in the garage. That was Monday–the last good day of the week.

I will prevail! I will triumph! The move will be good! I’ll get through this! I’m a better person than this!

/public bitch session (at myself)

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