worst album covers of all time

Did anyone else know that Martin Mull had an album?

See that and more where Pitchfork lists the worst album covers of all time.

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    • Me
    • November 29th, 2005 1:33pm

    Huh. It LOOKS like maybe its one of them ‘singin’ albums, but who knows.
    Martin Mull plays a great gay guy. I mean, come on, theres some actors you just don’t believe…playing straight OR gay. No Tom Cruise comments, please.
    And hey, I agree BTW…that P.O.V. show is da bomb.
    Which is the first and only time I’ll use THAT term, forgive me.

    • MJ
    • November 29th, 2005 9:47pm

    Did anyone know that Cory Feldman had an album? wow. The comments on the Young MC album are fab.

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