civil rights?

Is Your Printer Spying On You?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

For decades a typewritten document could be traced by fairly easily to the typewriter, and then usually the writer. This isn’t much differnt, comparitively.

I usually agree with the EFF and ACLU, but this is ridiculous. Don’t print anything incriminating then! You shouldn’t have anything to be afraid of unless you have something to be afraid of. Give the FBI something to go by, okay? What on earth would an average person be scared of?

Know what else–when you empty your recycle bin, your files aren’t really deleted! Gasp! We should all get down Microsoft’s throat and tell them it’s a human rights issue!

Yes, there ought to be a disclaimer. But if you’re doing nothing wrong, it’s not hurting anything. If some dumbass is going to plant a bomb at the Mall of America and he prints out papers about how to make a bomb, a map of the Mall, and a schedule to pass out to his helpers–I want the FBI to know that.

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