Daily Show Utopia

So just last night I was thinking that I’d catch The Daily Show. Well, I forgot to turn it on and read in bed instead (ha–rhyme).

I woke up this morning to my cat meowing and generally acting obnoxious so I kicked her out and closed the bedroom door. I lost track of time (because I never look at the clock once I turn out the lights until I’m certain it’s time to get up) so when my alarm had gone off what I thought to be a few times and I saw “…:58″ on my clock (I didn’t notice the hour, but assumed it was 7), I got up immediatly.

In the shower, I remembered my dream–me and some other people were riding tricycles with Steve Carrell. Someone brought up “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” and he said, “Oh now that’s not really a movie for kids, is it?” with a sly grin. He was wearing a yellow polo shirt with light blue stripes. His hair was messy and he had some scruff. That’s really all I remember.

I didn’t notice it was only 7:23 until I was making my cereal. Normally that’s when I’m just getting out of bed. Whoops.

Later, as I pulled out of my garage space, I noticed a very serious-looking bumper sticker on a nearby car:

Stewart Colbert 08

Nice. I can’t find out much about them online. Anyone know anything?

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