They digg me, they really digg me!

After MNSpeak posted about the Daily’s site for their annual parody issue, I decided this was the perfect site to submit to the now famous digg. (For those who don’t know, digg is one of those new-fangled “social” websites where users submit stories and acknowledge they like other stories by clicking “digg.” The stories with the most diggs make it to the front page.) To get a story on the front page there means you’ve passed a geek test. But it’s a geek popularity test because even geeks just want to be noticed.

So here it is, my first story submitted to digg that made it to the front page:

There it is–right at the top! It was at the top for a few minutes. The diggs have subsided at nearly 1600, which ranks amongst the highest. Hopefully the story will make it to Kevin‘s podcast, diggnation.


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    • Me
    • December 19th, 2005 7:56pm

    OK, you’ve got me here; I have NO idea what this means, but you’ve obviously excelled at it. Congrabulations!
    I’ll check it eventually.
    Have YOU caught the solo Beatles podcast yet? Hmfh. Didnt think so! ;)

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