Damn Interesting » The History of Christmas

I love the Damn Interesting blog. I learn something new every time I bother to read it.

This one not only proves how stupid Pat Robertson and other fundamentalist “Christians” are, but also proves that there are no new ideas. Romans were decking the halls, the 12 Days of Christmas started 4000 years ago–we’re boring.

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    • Me
    • December 26th, 2005 1:08pm

    Oh well. Even though I know good and well Christ was born in September, and that EVERYONE has their own spin on the holiday, I don’t care. I do think it’s been a bit over the top this year, from both sides.
    I celebrate it for what it’s worth: aq celebration of the birth of Christ, and a time for family.

    That said, my show this week explains why I’m not thrilled with it all this year.

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