Transamerica – a review (and Oscar props)

Make no mistake, Transamerica is a comedy. And it’s funny. Who knew? I didn’t know.

And Felicity Huffman is just as good as everyone says. She deserves all accolades possible for this role in this small film. As my friend Angie put it, “She’s so awkwardly beautiful.” Brilliant performance.

Honestly though, it did take me a bit to really get into the story. It all seemed a bit too convenient at first, but as it went on it became totally believable, though the circumstances were a bit outrageous. Not that a movie normally has to be believable, but when it’s a small movie like this that is so character-driven, I like it to be mostly believable.

I’d also like to make a related point in this post: that Oscar is hella gay this year. Let’s count ‘em up:
Capote (gay man)
Brokeback Mountain (gay men love story)
Transamerica (tranny)
Good Night and Good Luck (hilarious Liberace footage)

Perhaps there’s more I don’t know about. Regarding the Oscars, no big surprises in the nominations, except Good Night and Good Luck. I didn’t like it–it has no story, how can it be nominated for best picture? And how can the screenplay be nominated for best original when it’s mostly adapted from news scripts? Seems like a George Clooney fan club to me.

I’m also upset and surprised that Grizzly Man was not nominated for best documentary. It’s an amazing story of a completely nuts man who insisted upon living with grizzly bears despite not having any sort of education to back up his ideas. The kicker is that he’s killed by a bear (and no, that’s not a spoiler).

And thank God for all the small movies getting nominated. It’s about time. If only the Grammy’s would listen to indie releases now. I heard that Munich’s production costs were more than the other best picture nominees combined. Sheesh.
I hope this is a new beginning for film where the smaller productions become more acclaimed than the stupid Hollywood productions, as they should be. Out with Spielberg and in with who knows??

Transamerica: 8 out of 10 (which seems to be my standard).

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