Blimp 9 does it again!

Search Engine Journal » Accoona – AI Search or Poor Search?

For some reason this morning Fox (Blimp) 9 news here in the Twin Cities decided that they’d bring in some tech headlines. Right after an update on the situation in Iraq, Alix told us that “Google now has some competition” in a new search engine called Acoona. It uses artificial intelligence and is supposedly way more accurate.

What? They sounded worse than Future Tense (another not-so-great MN news service) even. It seriously sounded like they got a press release, had 20 seconds to devote to tech news for no good reason, and went with it.

So just now I went to the site. It resembles Google. How clever and original. Then I did a Google news search for Acoona. I got one hit (see link above). Um yeah–great reporting once again, Fox. It’s the best they can do considering that they’re STILL on about underage drinking like nobody knew it existed. And the evils of MySpace, of course. Scary stuff and trends that will never happen are the focus of Fox.

Great, now I have “Hakuna Matata” in my head. Damn Acoona.

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    • vcmc
    • March 15th, 2006 2:48pm

    Funny because Fox Media (or some parent company) now owns myspace.

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