They always forget the Asians

Source Says Katie Couric Eying CBS News – Yahoo! News

I’m confused:
Couric, 49, would be the first woman to be named as a sole host of a network evening newscast — even though Elizabeth Vargas frequently has done that job alone at ABC’s “World News Tonight.”

What about Connie Chung? Did I completely make up memories of her anchoring the CBS evening news, or was it that she co-anchored with Dan Rather? Ok, IMDB lists her as “Herself – Substitute Anchor (1989-1995)/Co-anchor (1993-1995)”. She must have done it by herself at some point though.

Even my mom has grown tired of Katie. Good luck, CBS.

UPDATE: Welcome, Washington Post Express Readers! On April 5th, this blog was quoted in said paper. My friend Ben just happened to notice it as he read the paper along his way to work this morning. Here’s a snippet of the famous (amongst my friends anyway) page:

As Laura said, now I’m e-famous! Thanks to the Post Express.

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    • Anonymous
    • April 4th, 2006 1:19pm

    CBS is trying to forget Connie Chung was ever a co-anchor of the Evening News. As am I.

    The day Chung interviewed Tonya Harding was the day the network of Murrow and Cronkite “jumped the shark” and began its slow, painful decline into what it is today — a news program without purpose, value or meaning.

    Just cancel the damn show — no one is watching, anyhow.

    • The Truth Hurts
    • April 4th, 2006 1:22pm

    Despite the comment about even my mom being able to take Katie’s teeth any longer, I bet CBS’s ratings will sky rocket. But yeah, it’ll probably be temporary anyway. TV news viewership is going down anyway, in general.

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