Not to drag this out, but…

Meredith Vieira to Replace Katie Couric – Yahoo! News:

“‘I really love her,’ said Lindgren, a 27-year-old mother of two from Denmark, Maine. ‘I watch ABC now, but I’d rather watch Katie than the person doing the evening news (at ABC) now. She’s outgoing, she’s energetic and she seems to relate to the people nicely.’

Lindgren is among the 29 percent of people responding to an Associated Press-TV Guide poll this week who said they preferred Couric in the evening. Forty-nine percent of the people said they favored Couric in the morning.”

Ok, this is odd for a couple reasons. One is how can people say they prefer a newscaster in the evenign when they haven’t seen her in the evening? Two, I happen to prefer Couric in the afternoon, with a fine Pino Noir and aged cheddar.

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