I’m confused

Ok, I’m sorry if I will come off as a completely ignorant bastard with this post. If I do, please just let me know and I’ll accept it.

I have a confession – I don’t understand this whole immigration debate. To me, the logical stance is to only allow legal immigrants to live and work here. If that means that we give 11 million currently illegal (or I guess the PC term is undocumented) aliens citizenship, then so be it. But I doubt all of them will be eligible.

So why are all these “immigration rights” folks protesting all over the place these days? What are they protesting against? I keep hearing things like, “they are coming out of the shadows…” So now that we’re actually discussing that there are people illegally living in the country, they come out and think it’s okay?

How is it okay? It’s illegal. Period. Either get a green card, become a citizen, or leave. If I went to live in Great Britain (a huge dream of mine) and I lacked any documentation–I’d be risking it big time. If they caught me, I’d expect to be sent away or imprisoned. Why should the United States be any different?

I do appreciate the work illegal immigrants do here. They do the jobs Americans think they are too good for. But the key is that they are illegal. We have borders for a reason, and we have laws for a reason. We can’t just ignore one law just because it’s nice for our businesses.

If anyone can clarify this, please do so in the comments section. Thanks.

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