Current Trends

What I’m into right now:

  • Liza Minnelli: There, I said it. Now go watch Liza with a Z and discover what you’ve been missing.
  • Kathy Griffin: Laura and Kathy personally converted me. My problem with her has always been that anyone can make fun of celebrities. We all do it. I suppose there is the “oh no she din’nit!” aspect to much of her comedy, but there was more substance than that. I think I laughed even more than Laura at the show last night. She made you feel like we all knew each other, and her…like she’d say, “You guys have heard about O’Reilly and the pussy, right?” or “Wasn’t that weird about Brooke having her baby the same day as Tom’s?” Very conversational. Loved it.
  • Realizing Google Calendar sucks: It happened about two weeks too late. Imported reminders don’t work, sometimes you can’t edit times, you can’t drag an event upwards to make it start earlier…it’s kinda bad.
  • Kellie Pickler gone from AI: The North wins again.
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