I really just want to try out the new linking feature of free Napster, so here are some songs/bands I’m into right now:

  • They don’t have At War with the Mystics, but this favorite (Buggin’) from The Soft Bulletin will have to do for my reloaded love of the Flaming Lips.
  • Liza With A “Z” – as many of my friends know, I can’t stop listening to this show. Yes, I’m an indie Beatles fan who fancies dramatic performances by big voices as well as show tunes.
  • Against my better judgment, I’ve fallen for Art Brut, mainly because they have a song called Modern Art, which I completely agree with.
  • I keep forgetting about another cool British band, Clearlake. The first song, No Kind of Life, on their new album is so simple, but I often go for simplicity and understatement.
  • In preparation for Sufjan’s album of outtakes (The Avalanche), I shall link to my favorite Sufjan song, Jacksonville.


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