I’ve admitted to Liza, now the indie girl admits to American Idol

See, I’m not so pretentious. I have rarely seen television, nay, a filmed performance of any kind, as enjoyable as this:

Clay Aiken seriously looks like he’s about to pin down the poor dork and have his way with him. As a lesson, not as sign of attraction. Why won’t Clay open his eyes wider? Who does he think he is? Have you ever seen someone react so strongly to a person as this poor guy did to Clay? And have you ever seen the recipient of such adoration remain so careless? It fascinates me to no end.

Oh, and Prince was on. That’s right PRINCE. Hell yeah. And he didn’t sing with any lame-ass Idol contenstant.

One more thing: Katherine McPhee and Meatloaf are in love. And he has worse tourettes than Taylor Hicks.

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