Oh those zany journalists

Being a Beatles fan has got to be the worst in terms of how journalists report on your favorite band. They’re the band everyone knows, the band who’s songs the journalists grew up with…so they think they generally know what they’re talking about. They add little tidbits like, “McCartney started off calling ‘Yesterday’, ‘Scrambeled Eggs.’” Fascinating.

The other thing about the Beatles journalists love to exploit is using their song titles for “clever” headlines. For instance, when word of Paul’s separation from Heather went public and all the stuff about her sluty past came out, there was, “She was a day stripper, but Paul didn’t know“.

But I think the worst one I’ve ever seen appeared after the Love show opening on Friday. Everyone was there–Yoko, Paul, Ringo, Olivia, Dhani, hell–even Julian and Cyn were there. So of course the old “ooo, will Yoko and Paul have it out this time?” came up. Well, they didn’t. Here’s the headline:

See, they don’t look awkward together at all. And they’re both single! Love is in the air!

(taken from an article called “Love is all Macca and Yoko need to end feud“, which should have been “Love is all Macca and Yoko need to come togeher”. COME ON YOUR BRITS, YOU CAN DO BETTER.)

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