Another reason why MySpace sucks

I don’t really think MySpace sucks, but I figured such a search phrase was common to Technorati and Google.

I get, on average, three friend requests per week. These are not from friends, these are from bands and musicians. I usually accept the requests, but if I honestly don’t like the music, I deny them. Apparently I have even better taste than I could ever imagine because typically these bands I’ve denied ask to be my friend again. Once, a local band asked me every day for a week, just to be the pseudo-punks they are. Go write some shitty songs–stop spamming me. Today some random singer-songwriter asked me to be his friend for the second time. His rhyming is terrible, why would I accept?

Anyone else have similar MySpace experiences?

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    • Laura
    • July 5th, 2006 6:04pm

    You can block friend requests (and messages, I believe) from bands.

    Just click on “Home” and edit some stuff.

    • vcmc
    • July 6th, 2006 9:27am

    Or – boycott myspace and be free from the inanity!

    …works for me, at least.

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