Update: I am a total moron. It’s because Lennon is dead. Paste was going for best living songwriters.

Normally I don’t get all huffy when it comes to magazine’s “best of” lists. I mean, they’re just editors and critics–they lack a lot of the intelligence I have.

But seriously, who cares? I mean, it’s nice when “the pros” recognize artists you really like as a fan, but the new Paste Best Songwriters Ever list leaves out someone no one would ever guess would be left out.

John Lennon.

And guess who #5 is.

That’s right, Paul McCartney.

Not that I disagree with putting Paul in the top 10, but to compltely ignore John Lennon is careless and unfair to the largest degree. He died at 40 and gave the world some of the best songs ever written, spanning from “She Loves You” to “Imagine” to “Instant Karma”–who else can make such a claim? Was there not enough to go by? Is he too overrated these days? Are Silly Love Songs fashionable now? Come on Paste, fess up.

P.S. #47 is Bruce Cockburn. This cockburn is making me thirsty!

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