Product Review: the Intuition

I hate shaving my legs. In fact, I rarely do it during the winter. When I spent a semester in England, I don’t think I ever shaved my legs, which scared my southern fundamentalist Christian roommate to pieces (she called it “unnatural”).

Because I hate shaving, I’m always looking for shortcuts, especially since the globe keeps mysteriously heating up at rapid rates and I am forced to wear capris. I figured that the Intuition (take a look at the link, it’s not the official website) would be a nice shortcut.

And in many ways, it is a nice shortcut. You don’t have to lather up with a can of shaving soap because the razor is inset within a bar of soap. So you just need to wet your legs and shave. You completely skip a step. This is especially important to me because part of the reason I shave infrequently is because I wear glasses and do not own contacts. That makes seeing what I’m doing in the shower very difficult at times. So a lot of times I’ll shave in the tub with my glasses on.

But the Intuition offers additional safety with the razor set within the soap. However, and here’s the catch you knew was coming, the soap wears out incredibly fast. The razor is still perfectly good on mine (which I’ve used proably five or six times), but the soap is gone for all intents and purposes. So now I have to switch razors. I should not have to throw away a razor after using it five times.

I’ll give the Intution a 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a great idea. Now if they would just sell the soap that goes around the razor by itself, it’d be 5 stars. But I suppose that wouldn’t make anyone any money so it’s out of the question.

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