Daily Fringe…Electronically

I subscribe to the Fringe Festival emails, but I haven’t gone to a single play since I moved here. I don’t really have a good excuse for this except that I dislike people so much. And by people I mean traffic, parking, and people outside cars, too.

Anyway, I love the emails, especially the dailies since the festival actually started. Here’s an excerpt:
Ode to Tuesday

Oh, Tuesday!
Sweet Tuesday!

Known for your elections!

Second day!

Day separating water from water,

day of Tiw,

Martis diem,
day of Nightcap return.

Embrace me, sweet Tuesday
Bob says you’re grey

But he’s wrong. No—

you are black as the Forest

on Eat Street.

Hark! Tuesday!—
sixth day of Fringe.

Stuff and things,
profound and poignant.

Onto The Daily Fringe.

Verily maketh I hands of jazz.

If I could write a poem as good as that, I’d never stop. Even the slightly modified weather reports from varying local stations are beautifully written odes to the English language:

Tonight: 65°F. Happy little evening clouds. Just a few here and there. Wherever you’d like them to be. Tomorrow: 88°F. Angry little thunderstorms possible on the overnight.

They sound like Yoko Ono sky pieces from Grapefruit. Anyway, I just wanted to let the fine Fringe folks (or is it just Matthew?) know that even their emails are full of inspiring originality, and that their talents to do not unrecognized.

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