Poor Laura B.

From my trusty Google Sidebar:Hehheh. Mount.

What a weekend. What a last couple of weeks, actually. I’ve had a lot of fun and been very disappointed in myself and others. And if you just said to yourself, “Duh, Truth Hurts. That’s life. You should get out more,” you are so right. Where should we go?

I hurt my toe last night while frantically going for my ringing phone. I ran into the coffee table. It hurts really bad, but it’s not terribly swollen or black and blue so I don’t think it’s broken.

I got a new guitar. I love it. I can’t believe I played my old one for so long when it sucks so bad. Still, I’m sad to leave it. I have no idea what to do with it though.

I was introduced to someone as the blogger from The Truth Hurts over the weekend. You know, fame, for some people, is hard to manage. It overwhelms them. Me–I handle it with the grace and wisdom of an old pro.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me.

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