Thanks, Bob!

I went to a listening party for Bob Dylan’s upcoming album, Modern Times, tonight. I’d heard about it via Sterogum. It was totally free and way better than I imagined. And that was just the food & drink! There was a huge food spread in the side room at Grumpy’s, plus two drink tickets each.
A rep from Sony/BMG was there, and she promised to play at least the first six songs, possibly the whole thing. Well, I’m pretty sure she played the first six songs about four times, not the whole album. It sounded all right. Nothing spectacular. But a listening party isn’t really the best place to hear Dylan. I really like two, slower songs. The first two songs sound very similar–bluesy with a big band. I couldn’t really hear the lyrics.
There were about 30-40 people there, much smaller than I imagined. I think there were six women total, but that was to be expected. All age groups, and there was even an amputee. I had no idea what to expect, but it was really fun.

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