Party at the Fair

Last night I was at a party at the Minnesota State Fair. A party with loud, truly creative music. A middle-aged woman danced in circles in a babydoll dress while her gray-haired husband played mastered guitar feedback. Confetti was blown out of huge orange horns. Streamers jetted from air guns. A salt-n-pepper bearded man encouraged us to sing along with a punching nun toy.

This was no ordinary party. It was meant to be a concert with Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips playing for us. But it was a party, no doubt about it. As all the big music rags and blogs have already pointed out, Wayne Coyne of the Lips begins the show in a plastic bubble rolling across the crowd, but it’s way cooler in person. I’m sure it’s even cooler if you’re in that crowd of people, but being able to breathe and not feel like a sardine sometimes beats the mere possiblity of a good story.

As fun as the show was, I felt a bit gyped. The Lips played basically for an hour, but it felt like they hardly played any songs. The banter was funny, but I wanted more music. They only played “Race for the Price” from the Soft Bulletin, which is a tradegy. But Sonic Youth sounded exactly like their records, which surprised me.

photo courtesy s4xton.

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