I’ve Just Not Seen a Face

The moment of truth has arrived, and boy does it hurt. Well, it’s disappointing anyway.

Loyal readers and friends will know that on October 26th of last year, I saw Paul McCartney in St Paul. I had 10th row, just about the center, an aisle seat. I made a sign that Paul acknowledged while he was up on the stage. Several cameras surrounded me. I grinned and held my sign like a pre-schooler holding up an original fingerpainting.

Well, I guess it was just too much cute for the film editors because I didn’t make the cut. I was actually nervous watching the DVD, waiting for the right part to come up. All signs (ha) pointed to them showing me, but they did not. Assholes.thanks MPR

Still, MN was represented. They play a sound clip of Paul saying hi to us in St Paul and there’s a clip from KSTP about how Paul had girls up in his room when the Beatles played Met Stadium in 1965. I bet KSTP got a bunch of money for that. Few know that one of those girls was a young Michele Bachmann, before she joined The Winner’s Way.

I’m still watching the concert (it’s about two hours long) but I think my chances are pretty slim now. Maybe there will be a next time. And since he’s single….woo hoo!

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