It’s that Time of Year

Yes yes — it’s that time of the year where it seems all I do is shop, drive or go see a movie.

On the shopping front, I’ve already bought about half a dozen Christmas gifts. In years past, I’ve been totally done before Thanksgiving. But then when I politely ask my nephews at Thanksgiving what they want for Christmas and I didn’t get them any of those things, I tend to not be the popular one around the tree. Because, of course, that’s what it’s really all about.dash of my car

Bringing together shopping and driving is my new Honda Civic. It’s pretty rad. She’s been through a lot already, including some barf on the passenger side back door and trunk in the lot behind the Uptown theatre.

Which leads me to seeing movies. Here’s the new movies I’ve seen lately and my rating (I’m switching to a 10-point scale like IMDB’s):

  • Borat: Way more hilarious than I could ever have imagined. Sacha Cohen is immenesly talented — I wish he’d start pointing that talent away from embarrassing average people though. 9/10 stars.
  • Stranger than Fiction: This was not as funny or interesting asI hoped it would be. The whole wrist watch thing is pointless and it’s difficult to believe that a well-known English prof (Dustin Hoffman) reads Susan Grafton novels. 8/10 stars.
  • For You Consideration: Big whoopsie for Christopher Guest. After watching edgey comedies like Borat and even Arrested Development, this falls flat 90% of the time. But the old cast is always fun to watch, so it’s still worthwhile for fans. 6/10 stars.

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