Another and Another One Bites the Dust

A couple nice quotes about Bolton stepping down from the U.N. (before being fired):

“The president appointed ambassador Bolton because he knew he would represent America’s values and would take head-on problems at the United Nations.”

– White House Spokeswoman

“As an American, here is what I say: The U.S. has made serious mistakes in recent years, and has angered the whole world. The best thing possible now is for us to (1) transfer power to a new party [done] (2) get rid of our secretary of defense [done] (3) get rid of our “ambassador” to the global community [now done] (4) start making good decisions to make the world a better place [it is not too late].”

Mike Murphy, Hong Kong (expat from U.S.)

The problem with the first quote is that the world is sick and tired of “American values.” For those just tuning in, that tends to mean “start wars for no good reason and ignore other big global problems.” I have no idea wht the “problems at the United Nations are”… I keep hearing conflicting opinions from around the world about how the U.N. is doing. But right now, the Bush administration can’t even solve America’s problems, how can we solve the U.N.’s problems?

The problem with the second quote? None. Way to go, Mr. Murphy.

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