Celebrity Deaths

Celebrity deaths always come in threes. They just do. So after the bam-bam of James Brown and Gerald Ford, I couldn’t help but ponder who would drop next. Mickey Rooney is typically my first guess.

But today we got our third death. Saddam Hussein! And what really makes this celebrity death interesting is that you can watch everything but the actual hanging, commercial free, on CNN.com!

Now, VH1, if you’re reading, your Celebreality production team should take note. What’s more real than death? Yesterday you canceled regularly scheduled programs on VH1 Classic just to show boring James Brown clips all day. What if you had a news team (I suppose the celebs would call them “paparazzi”) always at the ready for celebrity deaths? The show would mix the two things we are most obsessed with her in the good ol’ U S of A – stars and kicking the bucket! Of course, coming up with a name for the show will be difficult since “Celebrity Death Match” has already been used by your partner, MTV. But I’m sure you clever kids will think of something just as good as “Breaking Bonaduce”.

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    • Minnetonkafelix
    • January 6th, 2007 9:23am

    A celebrity is a person who is widely recognized in a society. Fame is one prerequisite for celebrity status, but not always sufficient. For example, as “infamy” has passed out of common English usage, high-profile criminals may be considered to be famous, but they are not always celebrities. Traditionally, politicians are rarely described as celebrities, but in the era of television, some have had to become de facto celebrities. ..
    My own note:
    I have alway thought a “Celebrity” is someone who is famous for being famous.
    When one dies, one rushes in to replace them with little overall loss


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