Another Reason Comcast Sucks

There certainly is nothing new in saying that Comcast sucks. But really probably only .5% of the blogosphere contains original content, so here comes my rant.

I was planning on getting rid of what’s known as the “Digital Preferred” and “Digital Classic” tiers off my cable because I only watch two or three channels off those regularly (I will really miss Discover Times). But then with the new price plans to be released this month, I discovered that if I get rid of “Digital Preferred”, I must also get rid of my DVR.

This is not an option. Maybe this is how they get users pumped for Tivo software. I will essentially be paying $24/month for the DVR, on a box I don’t even own.

So speaking of Tivo…I started looking into buying a box. And then I ended up buying one with a 3-year plan (which may have been a bit foolish, but we’ll see). That means I’m saving over $180 this year and $260 the following two years compared to Comcast (including getting rid of at least one digital tier I don’t watch enough of). And that includes all the awesome functionality that Comcast DVR never would offer on their own (online scheduling, search, favorite people or whatever…etc.).

I’m really excited for the Tivo. It should arrived next week. I’ll post a review shortly thereafter.

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