I Want My MTV

It’s true. I’m a day shy of 29 and I still watch MTV. But here’s the thing: it’s been significantly better lately.

One day last week I happened to read about this guy Mika who is big on the UK pop chart these days. A few days later I saw the video for “Grace Kelly” on MTV’s Big Ten. As astounding as MTV giving precious air time to this love child of Freddie Mercury and Rufus Wainwright is, the surprise was dulled a bit by the fact that his video followed Lily Allen’s for “Smile“.

It’s a new British invasion!

This morning, I once again saw both of these great British acts on The Big Ten, followed by (the especially poignant) Silversun Pickups video for “Lazy Eye“! What is going on here??? Is this some alternative universe where 20-40 year old indie hipster snobbery = 13-21 year old musical ignorance? Have MTV programmers been reading Pitchfork?

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