Oh, How the Mighty Have…Conceeded

Every time I’ve driven to Wisconsin since just after 9/1/01, I’ve passed a gigantic handmade sign in a field near the River Falls I-94 exit. It is white painted plywood with blue and white lettering that reads “WE SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH”. Of course there’s also a gigantic American flag waving next to it.

It appeared around the same time as graffiti on bridges over I-94 demanding to, “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS”. Those went away fairly quickly, but the sign remained.

That is, until very recently. Sometime in the last three weeks, the proud owner made a new sign. The new one is similar in artistry, yet a bit different in tone: “PEACE THROUGH MILITARY STRENGTH”.

What does this say about the artist/activist? Do they no longer support President Bush? Or have they simply gone the way of many Republicans and realized that the war is going poorly and it’s Bush’s fault? Or perhaps this is a new statement, still pro-Bush, saying that the surge is a good idea.

No matter what, use of the word “peace” is interesting. Is the new sign an oxymoron, or simply moronic? Perhaps Figaro can help.

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