A new way to geek out

I have a new obsession. It’s not a band. It’s not a TV show. It’s from a different part of pop culture that I rarely think about.

It’s retro Nike basketball shoes.

Particularly, Dunks.

This isn’t totally out of character for me; I’ve always loved tennis shoes. One of the few things I was relentless enough about that my parents actually bought for me was a pair of Reebok Pumps. They were as fucking cool as you’re thinking. The awkward part was that a boy two years older than me had the exact same pair. (And yes, btw, I did use them for basketball. In the 7th grade. No, they did not help me play better.)

When the Air Jordans came out, a couple boys in my class always had the latest pairs. In looking through pics at sneakerhead.com, my heart skipped a beat recognizing all these shoes that I analyzed during classes for four years. Some of them I hadn’t realized were Air Jordans.

But Dunks were the Nike basketball shoe before the Air Jordans. Anyone would recognize them. Now the seem to be marketed to collectors and skateboarders. The new Dunks come in every imaginable material, patterns and colors. I wish I could find a full list of every design made.

I can barely keep myself from ordering multiple pairs. I’ve settled on a practical gray, white and blue slightly used pair off eBay. The first pair I saw was at Macy’s late last year. I even tried them on. Recently I saw a multi-shade green pair at Journey’s, and boy is it tempting. But, I’m thrifty and scared of this turning in to a habit.

The design of the Dunks is really perfect for sneakers. It allows for all sorts of intricate details and variations, which is what any good design does. I could look at Dunks all day and never get sick of it. And that’s nearly what I did last Friday at work.

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