New format

I got fed up with Blogger’s supposed FTP publishing tool (where you use Blogger’s app to upload your post and images to your own web host). Images hardly ever uploaded and now this weekend I couldn’t even publish after trying for a day.

After a lot of putzing around today, I think I got WordPress figured out. I ended up switching publishing methods at Blogger to blogspot (because WordPress can’t copy from the FTP method), then I copied over all of my Blogger posts to WordPress. Next I added a domain on my web server along with an index.php file in the “/blog” directory to force a redirect to the new domain. Of course, it didn’t happen that succinctly but that’s what I came up with.

The most obvious issue so far as been that none of my images are working, including one I tried to fix on the post I couldn’t publish on Blogger yesterday. I don’t get it. I’m sure it’s something totally stupid.

I like the WordPress webapp so far, but this php thing is new to me. I’ll be working on the design for the coming days and weeks, probably.

Let me know if y’all see anything funky!

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