Concert review: Feist w/ Grizzly Bear

This was a show I was never really gung-ho about. It was a bit pricey and featured two artists I was only slightly familiar with. But neither of those issues mattered after the show. These two artists were phenomenal bands that I would tell anyone who complains about the state of music today to go see as hope for America.62307.JPG

We were about 15 rows back on the main floor of the Pantages, a beautiful theatre (on the inside only) in the “Hennepin Avenue Theater district”. The sound was amazing. Each drum, cymbal, guitar string, woodwind…whatever, was miked up perfectly. Grizzly Bear opened with full, bright voices that commanded the 1/4 full theatre’s full attention. All four members had angelic voices that, as I told my companion, stole a bit of my soul. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything so cheesy, and meant it. Each bandmember was a great musician as well, showcased by two cover songs: a sea shanty (or “lake shanty” for us Minnesotans), and “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)” (sung by the bandmember I thought resembled a Monty Python lumberjack). The latter was barely noticeable as the Goffin/King girl group smash, but there it was, in all its avant-glory. The lumberjack guy also played an autoharp, which explained the sounds I couldn’t discern on their album.

Feist was more like Grizzly Bear than I imagined. Her band was similarly multi-talented. Feist happily enaged the audience with sing-a-longs, including what I thought would be a round of some sort. Only a song after we met her, she asked folks born during certain times to sing certain notes. She continued with her quarky participation requests throughout the evening.

The two highlights for me were when she sang without the microphone for little bits. The sound of the her beautiful voice in the acoustically-sound Pantages were spooky and gave me goosebumps. The other highlight for me was watching Feist count the frets on her guitar before she placed her capo. That made me feel really good about my guitar abilities. AND she doesn’t appear to play with a pick, like me. :)

I still don’t think I’ll become a regular listener of either Grizzly Bear or Feist, but the concert certainly was an enlightening experience. Feist mentioned that when she awoke in Minneapolis that morning, she assumed she was playing First Ave, but security wouldn’t let her in there. She was thrilled at the “unexpected room”. I was as pleasantly surprised as she was.

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    • ash bo bash
    • July 5th, 2007 1:52pm

    ooooooh, i just devoured your blog about the show. i’ve been intending heavily to email you sooner, ask you about the show, take you up on the offer to chat sometime but just can’t get my wits about me.

    soon though, for real. glad you were surprised. i’ve never seen the word “capo” spelled out before – thanks for that : )

    namaste, ash

    • ash bo bash
    • July 5th, 2007 1:53pm

    yuck. i’m really embarassed now that my colon-parenthesis turned into a emoticon. puke. erase it!

    just kidding. kinda.

    • T. Ruth
    • July 5th, 2007 2:23pm

    I fixed your smiley face. : )

    I hope you’re doing all right! Call or write any time – seriously.

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