Here’s an idea

Dear Katie Couric,

I hear that you’re having some problems at work. Despite my famous wish of good luck when you first started as the “CBS Evening News” anchor, it appears as though luck has not come your way…yet.

Fortunately, I have an idea.

My ever-opinionated-about-Couric mother informed me today of a National Enquirer headline that said you’re sick of the CBS office because your co-workers are back-stabbing you. I then had an epiphany, on your behalf:

There’s an open spot at “The View”, Katie. Why not join Barbara and her crew?

It’s a perfect match! The irony would be uncanny! I know that “The View” got a little interesting last week with a new token black lady named Star, but you are much more than qualified for this job. Plus we can watch you and Barbara bond over your common history of hosting the “Today” show. You know and I know, soft news and interviewing celebrities and other people at the height of their 15-minutes is more suitable to your talent.

I hope you’ll consider this incredible move, Katie. I think it will get your career moving in the right direction again.

Warmest wishes,

Concerned Blogger

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    • felix
    • June 25th, 2007 3:11pm

    Frankly Truth, I am just trying to post to your blog. I haven’t been too sucksessful (thats not the way to spell success!) Rah Rah!
    this was only a test.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    • felix
    • June 25th, 2007 3:14pm

    Ok, it worked. That is a great idea for Couric, & pretty funny!

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