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I get the wordy but wonderful weekly e-newsletter, and this week was especially interesting. The top story is about Fox 9 anchor Robyne Robinson’s local art collection, including many photos of pieces as they are displayed in her home. I love looking into people’s homes, so that’s probably the real reason why this story fascinates me. But I’m also interested because Fox 9 is such a piece of crap otherwise. Can’t this girl do better? She’s smart, she loves art & culture, she’s beautiful…and she works for the lamest local news? It just doesn’t seem right.

Speaking of Mpls coolness,  I’m checking out Sound Unseen this weekend. I’m especially excited for the Harry Smith doco. As loyal readers may remember, I became obsessed with old timey American folk/roots music, mostly due to Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, last year. I think part of this film is on a DVD in my Netflix queue. Anyway, I can’t believe I’ve never been to this festival before. Films about music — HELLO!?

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  1. I don’t *get* sound unseen – it’s run by elitest bloggers, right?
    I’m mostly kidding but I am confused because parts of it seem invite-only.
    How much does it cost? What is it all about? How long has it been going on?

    Also, I love Robyne Robinson – not so much on t.v., but in person she’s so funny and vivacious. I saw her in a pseudo-local-celebrity spelling bee and she CRACKED ME UP (and looked supercute, too). She’s the bees nees and has also been involved in many gay pride and arts related activities, so that makes me like her even more (and not in a gay way :).

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