An update

It’s time once again for a brief update on my time in our great Twin Cities. Have I ever mentioned how much I love bulleted lists?

  • TV: “Bill Moyers’ Journal” is still really high on my list. Although clearly a liberal program, Bill is great at playing the devil’s advocate in interviews. A new fave is “Pushing Daisies“, a surreal, comic-book-like serial reminiscent of the movie “Toys”. It really feels like Joan Cusak and Parker Posey should be playing the parts of Olive and Chuck. It’s like nothing else ever on TV, but I never watched “Buffy” or “Smallville”, either. (I just looked at the official site and there’s actually a comic book version of the tale. Damn I’m good.)
  • Books: I had been reading Miranda July‘s latest collection of short stories, No one Belongs Here More than You but the library took it away from me because it’s in such high demand. I only had like 50 pages left, but hopefully I’ll remember to pick it back up again. It wasn’t really what I expected. July’s writing is nearly always erotic, in a sick way you would only expect to find in the shadowy areas of the Internet. One story, “Making Love in 2003″, involved a fictional Madeline L’Engle and her fictional husband. Who has the nerve to write that, especially when L’Engle is a proud Christian woman? I feel like July is opening new doors in terms of what can be fictionalized, at least for me and my life. I don’t know a lot about July, but it seems like a lot of her stories are based on things that actually happened, but she blows them so out of proportion that they become unrecognizable as reality, yet still believable.
  • Film: So many good ones out right now. “Lars and the Real Girl”, Ang Lee’s new dirty one, “Lust, Caution”, the Cohen brothers new one, “No Country for Old Men”…and the one I can hardly wait to see–”I’m Not There”. The soundtrack is almost too good to be true and thinking of the film itself gives me chills. I’m probably building it all up too much, but I’ve got to hope for the best.
  • My NaNoWiMo: My words are not quite up to par, as it were, but I’ve decided not to care. My goal is to get into the habit of writing and to find out if I can still do it. Luckily, I feel I’ve discovered that I can still write creatively in a slightly above average manner. I haven’t forgotten all the rules though. I’m still not editing and I’m still trying to add as many words as possible, but starting this weekend I’m taking a new direction, following the pep talk we received from Sara Gruen. I’m going to jump ahead to the good parts to keep my motivation high. I’m excited about it once again. I saw John Waters speak last weekend and he happened to say that a novel is the hardest thing to write. I grinned to myself…”And I’m going to do it, sucka.”
  • Dreams: Last night I dreamed that Annie Lennox performed in a quarry for the company I work for. I even sat across from her during a pre-show dinner. She didn’t like me for some reason. After the show, I got her to sign an autographed black & white glossy for me. It said, “To Dorothea, best wishes, Annie Lennox.” I think it was Dorothea; it was not my name anyway. She thought my name was Dorothea. Then I looked through a file cabinet for more about Dorothea. I never found an answer.

What have you all been up to?

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